Yoga-Tai Chi-Qi Gong at OMTAO,  Cashew Resort - Koh Chang - Ranong - Andaman-Sea - Thailand


Ocean Flow

Enjoy the ocean in a new and different way!

Ocean Flow is a beautiful aquatic bodywork massage which allows you to deeply let go in the water.

In the warm ocean water the body feels weightless and light and the gentle movements give you the joy and release of feeling no gravity. The natural healing qualities of the ocean water and the presence of the practitioner bring deep relaxation of body and mind allowing you to surrender to peace. The silence that you experience under water and the flow of movements help you to let go of thoughts - lightness and happiness arise.

While you are first being held, stretched and massaged on the surface you build up trust and begin to relax. Whenever you are ready you will be turned, rolled and gently supported under water (with a nose clip).

I am looking forward to a floating experience with you!

Magical Journey to Hawaii 2019

Meet the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins – June   2019

I invite you on a magical healing journey to Hawaii.

Experience pure abundance and beauty on Big Island, Hawaii.

Swim with the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and move through your unique healing journey as you come in contact and receive guidance from these amazing beings.

In 2012 I was sent to Hawaii by the Dolphins here in Thailand. I followed my calling and my heart and spent around 9 months in this magical place. I spent so many hours in the waters with the dolphins and dove into my being so much deeper through them – now I feel called to share that with you!

 Please read a bit more about me and my connection to the dolphins.

I want to bring you and the dolphins together. I want you to feel and experience the joy and love that these amazing beings are sending out to all of humanity. It will be a deeply nurturing journey for us all.

Even if the Spinner Dolphins may not show up some of these days we will still be seeing so much while swimming in the oceans. The water is clear, there is plenty of fish and coral and other sea life to observe.

Hawaii to me is pure beauty and abundance. The big island of Hawaii is an island that is still in the process of creation. Lava is flowing, the island is growing and out of the black lava so much abundant beauty arises.

During our time together we will nourish ourselves through yoga, meditation and delicious and nutritious food most of which is grown by local farmers. The house we will stay in has a beautiful garden and little corners where you can find your solitude. Swimming with dolphins is very uplifting and healing and can also touch us on very deep levels. All this healing happens in a safe and loving surrounding where all logistics are organized for you so that you can allow yourself to relax into the process.

I and my mother, a retired psychotherapist and practitioner of “Tapping” will be there for you and we will do our best to make this journey a life changing experience for you

We will also explore the beautiful nature of the island and visit the volcano national park. One of these days we will go on a boat ride to meet the dolphins in the open ocean and we might be lucky to see some Pilot Whales or other Dolphin species.

You will have two days off that you can spend in your own unique ways according to your needs and desires.


Day 1

Arrival at Kona international airport

Me or my mother will pick you up from the airport and bring you to our beautiful house in the Captain Cook area which is approx. a one-hour drive from Kona Airport.

The rest of the day we will be getting together, getting to know the group and the surroundings


Sleeping in, resting from the long flight. Getting to know the area. We might make our first trip to the ocean and if we are lucky we jump in to meet the dolphins or just watch them from the bay.

Day 3 to the end

Every morning we will rise early as the morning hours is the best time to swim with the Dolphins. Many times they show up in one of three bays that are within half an hour distance from each other. We take our time to swim and meet them and also rest and digest on shore.

As these Dolphins are wild and free there is no way of knowing how often we will be able to swim with them during our stay but in my experience they show up at least every third day or more.

Even if the Dolphins are not around, we will still go to swim and snorkel in the bays, sometimes they show up later to teach us patience and trust and to enjoy all the rest of the beautiful sea life.

Other activities that are part of this journey:

- Hikes in the beautiful nature

- Day trip to the volcano national park

- Visiting sacred Hawaiian sites

- Picknick at Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park   

- Boat ride out on the ocean

- Visit local markets, shopping etc.


What is included in the price of 2600 EUR:

- Accommodation, double occupancy, shared bed

- Food: Breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinks are provided for you (breakfast and lunch are self serviced and evening meals will be cooked for you. On the days off there will not be any meal cooked for you but all supplies are available. As we are a small group we can share our ideas and preferences.

- Transport: All transport that we do as a group is included. If you need to go on private trips you will be asked to pay for the fuel.  


- Flight ticket to Kona International Airport

- Eating out in local restaurants

- Fuel for your personal travels during your day off

- Health & accident Insurance

- Travel cancellation insurance

- Snorkel gear (wetsuit if needed)


An initial deposit of 500€ is required to book your place, full payment has to be made before March 30. If you choose to book your flight before March 30 be sure to have a cancellation insurance. We need a min. of 4 participants with full payment for this journey to happen.

Check that your passport is valid. For Hawaii you need to apply for an online VISA (ESTA) at least 72 hours prior to the flight.