Yoga-Tai Chi-Qi Gong at OMTAO,  Cashew Resort - Koh Chang - Ranong - Andaman-Sea - Thailand


DolphinSeed Retreat 2019

Sandra Chormann and Andrea Bode are delighted to offer you a new series of DolphinSeed Retreats!

Together we connect to the consciousness of the dolphins who live in the awareness of their divine nature. The dolphins are lovingly assisting humans all around the world to remember who they truly are and guide them into an empowered and abundant life.

We are happy to share with you the love and wisdom that we have cultivated over the years of our own spiritual journey and offer you a rich program.

The schedule of the retreat includes

-Daily Yoga classes

-Morning Meditation

-Ho'oponopono - a traditional Hawaiian forgiveness and reconciliation method which is very effective in the process of awakening to one's true nature

-Spiritual Clearing through Matrix 2 Point method

-Bodywork on land and in water

-A full-day boat ride around the islands

-Singing, dance and delicious food (breakfast and vegan lunch)

Together we hold space for healing and transformation to happen. The dolphins teach us to become conscious creators, to live joyfully from the heart and to come together in community to bring forth the new consciousness - the New Earth. A place of love, peace, beauty and connection that is always and already accessible now. 1 

In the past years the dolphins have come close, sometimes even right in front of Omtao - not on a regular basis but enough to trust and continue the dream!

We will together hold the vision of dolphins and us meeting, swimming, playing right here in the ocean! 

please contact us for more information and reservation:

Retreat dates

14.-18. jan  2019

5.-9. feb  2019


 Andrea Bode

   Yoga and Meditation Teacher

   Dolphin Messeng

   Aquatic Bodywork Practicioner

   Spiritual Guidance

   Lives at Omtao/Koh Chang with her family since 2004

Sandra Chormann

   Yoga & Meditation Teacher

   Shiatsu & Bodywork

   Energy Worker

   Aquatic Bodywork Practitioner (oder Aquatic Therapist)


   Massage Therapist



Ocean Flow

Enjoy the ocean in a new and different way!

Ocean Flow is a beautiful aquatic bodywork massage which allows you to deeply let go in the water.

In the warm ocean water the body feels weightless and light and the gentle movements give you the joy and release of feeling no gravity. The natural healing qualities of the ocean water and the presence of the practitioner bring deep relaxation of body and mind allowing you to surrender to peace. The silence that you experience under water and the flow of movements help you to let go of thoughts - lightness and happiness arise.

While you are first being held, stretched and massaged on the surface you build up trust and begin to relax. Whenever you are ready you will be turned, rolled and gently supported under water (with a nose clip).

I am looking forward to a floating experience with you!

Feldenkrais classes

Andrea Kistner, Physiotherapist und Feldenkreis teacher is giving classes twice a week, held in German language from end of december to february

"Erst wenn ich weiss was ich tue, kann ich tun was ich will !"

wie kann ich mich leicht und effizient mit Freude bewegen?

Was hindert mich daran?

Warum taucht ein Schmerz immer wieder an der selben Stelle auf?

Wie kann ich mich bessser entspannen?

Andrea laedt Dich ein zu einer Reise zu Dir selbst. Bitte bringe zwei Handtuecher mit!

Montags und Donnerstags um 11 Uhr morgens

Yoga for Women

Yoga for Women

We practice Yoga asanas in a very gentle way (similar to Yin Yoga) with awareness of the subtle energies and sensations in the body. Our focus is especially in our hip region and our sexual organs.

In our society and our collective consciousness there is still an imbalance as the male energy dominates with the focus on striving and success. During the practice of Yoga for Women we intend to be fully present in the moment giving space for the subtleness of the Yin energy to arise.

As our bodies age and tissues loosen the weight of our organs pull downwards and the pressure on our pelvic floor muscles increases. In Yoga for Woman we learn to get in contact with these muscles and the muscles of our vaginal wall. We learn to strengthen them and at the same time to deeply release tension.

For those who wish to take this practice deeper I offer Yoni Eggs.

The concept of Yoni Eggs goes back to over 5,000 years ago. The Yoni Egg, also known as the Jade Egg, was used by empresses and princesses in China. The practice of using a Yoni Egg is known in Asia as Vaginal Kung Fu. This holistic practice was mainly used to strengthen the vaginal muscles and improve the Chi for longevity and vitality, to awaken divine energy and sensuality, and to produce overall good health.

Crystals themselves have healing effects on our energy system and placed inside our Yoni (Sanskrit word for vagina, the “sacred space”) they help release emotional and physical tension. With the egg we can more easily get in contact with the muscles of the vaginal walls and learn to strengthen and activate them. Emotions of shame and guilt that are especially located in our genitals can subside as we get in contact with our sexual energy - which is life force itself!

More benefits in short are: increasing of spiritual awareness, emotional balancing, helping remove trauma stored in the womb, detoxifying the uterus/womb, massaging the reflexology points in the vaginal wall, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, increasing vaginal lubrication, enhancing sexual pleasure, preventing sagging of the uterus, rectum and bladder, regulating hormonal balance, helping with fertility, reducing cramping and abdominal pain during menstruation, helping  to maintain our reproductive organs healthy.

If you feel drawn to practice Yoga for women with a Yoni egg, please come a day or at least half an hour before the class so I can give you further guidance how to use it.

Thank you for joining, thank you for taking care of your aliveness!


Tuesdays and Fridays 7 pm